Great Harvest Bread
We are happy to customize to YOUR catering needs.  We cater sandwiches by the box, bag or tray.  Want each bag labeled with the name of it's owner? No problem.Want a tray variety of quartered sandwiches so everyone can enjoy a sampling? We got this!Need boxes of whole sandwiches for a crowd to select their favorite?  We're on it.

We will help you with some ideas....
Box Lunches - $10.50/each
Individual box lunches including your choice of sandwich made on fresh baked bread, chips, a pickle and a giant Great Harvest cookie.  The perfect lunch at the office or meeting on the go!

Sandwich Trays
Small----$84.99 (12 sandwiches)
Medium......$159.99 (24 sandwiches)
Large........$249.99 (36 sandwiches)
Pick your own assortment of our classic or signature sandwiches (see menu tab). Each sandwich includes a bag of chips and a pickle. Trays are packaged with sandwiches sliced as you request (half, quarters).

Individual Sandwiches
​(see menu for descriptions)
Ham & Swiss - $7.00
Turkey & Swiss - $7.00
Roast Beef & Provolone - $7.00
Baja Chipotle Turkey - $7.75
The Italian - $7.25
Veggie Three Seed Hummus - $7.25
Big Sky Chicken Salad - $7.25
Peanut Butter & Jelly - $2.50

Happy to deliver your catering order.....just let us know!

Great Harvest Bread of Crown Point
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